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“We manufacture our exhaust removal and air purification systems in the USA. That supports other U.S. companies as well, and those funds stay here in the USA. Our major competitors are distributors who sell foreign-manufactured products and that money ships overseas. Also, departments receiving government grants must use those monies to purchase American made products. MagneGrip Group products are proudly American-made and guaranteed 100 percent.”
---President Ed Rossman

MagneGrip Group History: The company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1982, to sell and service pollution removal and air cleaning equipment. MagneGrip Group is ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED and a GSA Contract Holder.

MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems were designed in 1993 as a better, more cost effective answer to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities. MagneGrip systems were an instant success resulting in thousands of installations and continuous growth through a nationwide distribution-and-service network.

HazVent Pneumatic Exhaust Removal Systems was acquired in 1994. This product meets the needs of customers who want pneumatic systems and those who have older, competitive-brand pneumatic systems that need replacement parts and dependable service.

AirHAWK Air Purfication Systems was acquired in 2006 to further develop our product line with new-technology air filtration units. AirHAWK ceiling mounted, ducted, and portable units are helping to remove airborne contaminants and neutralize toxic compounds that pose health risks in firehouses, medical clinics, airports, office buildings, etc.


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