HazVent's patented Knap-O-Dapter
4 stage air filter

The Knap-O-Dapter is a specially designed tailpipe adapter that allows for ambient air intake to cool exhaust temperatures. Cooling the hot exhaust reduces wear on the system's components and reduces maintenance problems.

By enabling ambient air to enter the exhaust system, the Knap-O-Dapter protects against negative air pressure that can cause the turbocharger to spin without lubrication. If this occurs, it can damage the turbocharger bearings and require costly engine repairs.

Hazvent Pneumatic Exhaust Removal

Pneumatic Exhaust Removal Systems with Big Advantages

HazVent exhaust removal systems provide "100% effective capture and removal" of harmful exhaust emissions.

Fully automatic – The pneumatic bladder nozzle seals airtight around the tailpipe. The exhaust fan is automatically activated before the engine starts. On emergency runs, the nozzle stays connected until the apparatus reaches the bay door. At that point, the bladder automatically deflates and the nozzle releases.

Ambient air intake – Unlike older-design pneumatic systems, the HazVent tailpipe adapter allows ambient air in to cool exhaust temperatures. This reduces wear on the hose and other system components. Ambient air also prevents engine damage from occurring because of the turbocharger spinning without lubrication.

Two air release valves – HazVent is the only pneumatic system with two air valve release locations. Other pneumatic systems only allow the air pressure to escape through the MFD valve located mid-point on the hose. The HazVent system allows air to escape from the MFD valve and the nozzle, so the disconnect is faster and more reliable.

Single-chamber bladder – HazVent's single-chamber bladder functions more effectively when inflating or deflating. For additional safety and strength, HazVent offers an optional inflatable bladder with a leak-proof Nomex liner.

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