MagneGrip's New Technology Nozzle

The MagneGrip nozzle uses the latest patented technology to create a no-leak seal, capturing all toxic exhaust emissions at their source. Rare-earth magnet assemblies provide exactly the holding power needed, making the nozzle easy to connect. Alignment grooves on the nozzle guarantee a positive connection.

The MagneGrip nozzle assembly...

As a mechanical engineer, I knew we needed a simple system in our volunteer department and MagneGrip met this criteria. I didn’t like the complexity of the other systems.
James Neils, Asst. Chief, Hauser Lake, (ID) F.D.

Exhaust Removal Systems
100% Effective Capture

Best Protection Available – MagneGrip systems meet the NFPA 1500 Standard for “no less that 100% effective capture” to eliminate dangerous exhaust emissions in firehouses. MagneGrip, an American company, manufactures all its products in the USA.

Advanced Features

Simple Operation

Systems are fully automatic and won’t slow down boarding time. When engine starts, auto-sensor activates the exhaust fan. The fan runs for three minutes and automatically shuts off. (Manual override is used when engine needs to run longer, such as during engine tests.) Nozzle stays connected as apparatus exits the bay, then automatically releases at the door. The balancer cable gently retracts the hose/nozzle assembly away from the door.

Combination Systems

Magnegrip + AirHAWK = Maximum Performance