sliding flexhose track diesel exhaust removal
Highest Airflow Available – MagneGrip systems have the highest airflow of any 100% sealed system–totally removing Exhaust Emissions in the Fastest, Most Effective manner possible

Sliding Flexhose Track (SFT)
Compact Exhaust Removal System

MagneGrip’s Sliding Flexhose Track (SFT) is the most compact source-capture system available. It is the ideal system for firehouses with back-in bays that have low ceilings or narrow spaces between vehicles—needing only 19-24 inch aisles. The SFT system has no hanging hose loops that block access to doors or loading.

An auto-start sensor activates the exhaust fan as the apparatus operator starts the engine. The air-tight expandable flexhose extends along the track as the apparatus moves forward. The nozzle remains attached until it automatically releases at the threshold of the door.

The SFT system is 100% sealed so no toxic exhaust fumes escape into the firehouse. When the apparatus returns, an automatic activation device starts the exhaust fan. The nozzle is connected and the apparatus is backed into the bay.

Sliding Flexhose Track Systems are available with either Magnetic Nozzle or Pneumatic Nozzle.

MagneGrip offers several Start Options, which can activate the exhaust fan prior to the vehicle starting or when the vehicle starts.

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MagneGrip fans are designed solely for exhaust removal and have continuously welded housings to eliminate "rust run." Spark-resistant, curved blades deliver highest efficiency, stability, and quieter performance. Fan manufacturer is ISO-9001 Certified.


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