Exhaust Removal

  • 100% Effective Captureā€¦Guaranteed
  • Fully Automatic and Lowest Maintenance

Apparatus in fire stations discharge diesel exhaust into the breathing area. Exposure to the toxic gases and particulate is linked to cancer and other debilitating diseases. MagneGrip systems connect directly to the vehicle tailpipe to remove contaminants and protect first responders.

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Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation

Air Purification

AirHAWK ceiling-mounted filtration units capture engine exhaust emissions and off-gases in firehouses. Cutting-edge technology such as photo-catalytic oxidation removes airborne toxins. Systems are also available for nursing homes, clinics, office buildings, garages, laboratories, etc.

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Exhaust Emissions Increase Cancer Risk
  • Magnegrip SSR
  • Airhawk 3000
  • Sliding Flexhose System
  • Magnegrip Airhawk Combo Systems
  • Magnegrip Custom Systems

Custom Exhaust

MagneGrip offers systems designed to eliminate hazardous exhaust emissions in most facilities where vehicles are operated. These direct-connect systems are easy to operate and essential for removing diesel pollution and creating a healthy working environment for personnel.

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